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    The United Arts Club has since its foundation in 1907 been a centre for people interested in the Arts; literature, music, painting, drama, film; and good conversation. It is a place to unwind, meet and make friends, encounter acquaintances and enjoy art. Situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin, the Club provides an oasis of tranquility in the centre of the city. Every month we run a diverse programme of events for our members and guests. These include art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, discussions, lectures, lunchtime theatre, poetry readings and literary lunches & dinners. The Club, steeped in history, occupies an important place in the artistic and social life of the city.

    Our members include painters, sculptors, movie-makers, musicians, playwrights and poets, novelists and journalists, architects and designers, academics, diplomats, professionals, scientists and students, all with a keen interest in the Arts.

    Lively interaction, discussion and debate on all aspects of the Arts  continues to this day. The United Arts Club membership has numbered many of Ireland’s most distinguished Artists and Writers among its members. Many of these have been a major influence at home and abroad in the promotion of the Arts in Ireland.

    Over the years the Club became a vital social amenity attracting not only artists from all disciplines but also patrons of the Arts. Thanks to the generosity of some of the painters and members the Club has a small but important collection of paintings donated over the years.